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Introducing the SPA2IS Programmable Limit Alarm Trips with Intrinsically-Safe Field Connections

The SPA2IS Programmable Limit Alarm Trips provide on/off control, warn of unwanted process conditions, alarm on rate-of-change and provide emergency shutdown. They feature a built-in intrinsically-safe field connections that provide the necessary protection typically afforded by a galvanically isolated intrinsically-safe barrier in plants or facilities where the method of protection is Intrinsic Safety.


Introducing the STZ Functional Safety Dual Input Smart HART® Temperature Transmitter


Part of the FS Functional Safety Series, the exida® approved, SIL 3 capable 2-wire STZ Functional Safety Dual Input Smart HART Temperature Transmitters provide an isolated and linear 4-20mA output proportional to the input.  It will simplify your operations with advanced features that give you far more control over your temperature measurements.


Alarm Trips: The Ups and Downs

When something happens in your plant, whether it’s a signal peak or fall, you have to know about it. A limit alarm trip can be a life saver, triggering the response needed to maintain normal, safe operations. Gary Prentice of Moore Industries covers how to use alarm trips to monitor a process and activate a warning or shutdown in the event of an undesirable high or low process condition.



A Practical Guide to Improving Temperature Measurement Accuracy

For many temperature applications, getting a high level of accuracy is vital. This white paper highlights how plant and site engineers can ensure the most accurate temperature measurement for critical applications. It shows how to select the best sensor for a particular application and ways to improve the accuracy of the sensor you choose. In particular, it details the reasons why 4-wire RTD sensors are almost always the best choice for high-accuracy temperature applications.


Associated Apparatus: The Safe and Most Affordable IS Solution

Significant savings, both initial installation and ongoing maintenance costs, for your intrinsically-safe (IS) facility or project can be achieved by selecting associated apparatus as the IS barrier in your system. Tina Todd, Director of Engineering at Moore Industries, gives you a brief introduction to intrinsic safety, the different components in an intrinsically-safe system, and the two different types of barriers. This paper also explains why selecting an associated apparatus as the IS barrier provides the most economic and effective use of IS technology.


Custom WORM Flexible Temperature Sensor Solution Improves Accuracy and Safety at Ball Mill Mine

The process of extracting copper from raw ore at a large mine in southeastern Arizona involves using large ball mills. These mills have large bearings attached to them, which heat up over time due to friction. If the bearing temperatures exceed critical levels, they can become damaged and shut down the entire process. The site originally used I/R sensors but they were unable to get close enough to the bearings to capture accurate ambient temperature readings, increasing the risk of a burn out. Through a special installation of WORM Flexible Temperature Sensors from Moore Industries, site engineers are now able to more accurately measure the temperature of the bearings to avoid potential damages and shut downs. The installation also eliminated potential safety concerns at the mine.


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