The products displayed on this website represent MACIS Valves STANDARD product range.This information accounts for a small proportion of the total product line offered by MACIS. Our many years experience designing and supplying valves into this specialized market has resulted in an extensive product offering. Consult the MACIS general catalogue for greater detail. If your application requires a custom product design or modification, our engineering team will provide the perfect valve for your application.


Prior to shipment, ALL products are tested. We assure the PERFORMANCE and QUALITY of each product by thoroughly testing all of the assemblies. In addition, our quality assurance inspectors record their approval and testing details prior to shipment. This process ensures that we provide reliable and consistent performance of components and product tracking. All products are a robust design to meet the demands of the extreme environments in which they are used.

valves-contentOur sales and engineering teams are trained to ensure that our customers always receive the most appropriate product for their application. To get the best result from our products please provide as much information as possible about your application. Particular information related to the fluids, working pressures and flow rates, operating duty and the working environment, including ambient and working pressures and temperatures.

While MACIS Valves takes every care with product selection, please note that final approval for use of any product is the responsibility of the end user, having considered all design factors and material compatibility, and if necessary, having proven suitability for use through specific test and inspection requirements.