Estimate your Power Needs History of Chloride Batteries
Established in 1958, Chloride Batteries S E Asia is a part of the USD1bn battery manufacturing group, Exide Industries India. The 7 state of the art manufacturing units makes CBSEA well equipped to attain a position of leadership in the automotive and industrial battery market throughout the Asia Pacific region. Its awesome manufacturing range covers automotive batteries to Electric Forklift Batteries, DC Power backup for Telecom, Power and the Oil & Gas sectors, miners cap lamps, railway signaling & train lighting and even Submarine batteries. CBSEA is a market leader in the area of traction batteries & chargers being preferred by almost all of the global OEMs and 3PLs. Its standby batteries & chargers have been the standard for supply in reputed users like Singapore Power, China Light & Power, etc. for more than a decade now. The Singapore bus company, SBS Transit completely relies on our products and so does the Comfort Delgro taxi company. We also have a 24 hour car battery replacement service which serves our customers islandwide. Whilst the products are sold under the reputed Chloride & Exide brands in the ASEAN region, in all other parts of the world, the batteries & chargers are recognised under the global brand, CEIL.

Standby Batteries

Being the preferred choice for reputed users like Singapore Power, China Light & Power etc for more than a decade now, our battery range includes the High Performance PlanteTubular OPzS and OPzVVRLA – covering both the monobloc range as well as the high capacity 2V sizes and the monobloc tubular range for the solar and renewable energy storage.

Plante Batteries

The Plante Range covers the entire range from 16Ah to 2500Ah. The reliability of the Plante designs emanates from its positive plate which is cast out of 99.99% pure lead and the active material is generated through the battery’s electrochemical process. This ensures that there is no degradation in capacity over its life making it the right choice for critical applications in the power generation, T&D sector.

Tubular Batteries

The Tubular OPzS range is a uniquely designed tubular battery technology using specially formulated active material with high pressure cast spines and woven gauntlets makes it ideal for rigorous applications where there are repeated power failures and operating in high ambient temperatures environment. The rugged tubular designs are also used in our Tubular Monobloc range for solar applications, which is preferred for its longer life and reliability in extreme conditions.

VRLA Batteries

The VRLA Range caters to all sophisticated and critical applications such as the telecom and UPS back up of all sizes and capacities. The fully automated VRLA battery manufacturing lines ensure the quality that our customers are so used to.

DC Chargers

The DC Standby Charger Range is a perfect companion to our battery range. Our design and manufacturing range is quite extensive – over large voltage / current range with all customized features.

Deep Cycle Battery

High temperatures prevalent in tropical countries pose a major threat to the life of storage batteries in rural and outdoor applications. Applications such as Solar PV and Telecom towers are mostly cyclic in nature and, coupled with abusive environmental conditions, this demands customized technologies.

CEIL, being a quality leader in power storage solutions, has widened its horizon by developing the CYCLOFORZ Tubular Monoblocs featuring our TöRR technology.

The use of low antimony lead alloy formula and high technology casting process for the positive spine combined with the special non-woven gauntlets and specially formulated active material produce batteries that withstand heavy duty cyclic operations with long service life of 8-10 years.

In certain storage power applications where more sophisticated lead acid batteries (e.g. VRLA) meet premature failure due to abusive environmental conditions, the CYCLOFORZ range continues delivering optimum product life and performance, at the same time, offers compactness, ruggedness, optimum space utilization, commercial affordability, and minimum maintenance to support these applications.